Important notes before applying to study at KVK

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Important notes on requirements for documents you submit

All applicants need to submit good quality colorful scan copy of his/her original secondary education document. Copies should be made from original document. You can learn which exact secondary education document you need to submit here – If your country is not listed, please contact

Photo of the document, print-screen from online site (if not specified) is not accepted.

Documents such as notification of results, provisional results might be accepted only from whose applicants who graduated from high-school in the same year as they apply for studies and documents are not yet issued.

All documents must be translated in to the Lithuanian or the English language if issued in another language. Translated copies of original documents shall be presented with with Apostille or Notar Legalisation.

Keep in mind that we might request original documents for academic assessment of foreign qualification to be sent via post.

If applicant does not have the first main required subject for entrance score, then admission will not be granted. Subject requirements for each programme can be checked here –

Applications that contain incorrect information than the submitted documents (for eg., date of birth is different than the one written in the passport) or forged documents will be rejected without further evaluation and possibility to re-apply.

Applications with similarities in motivation statements will be rejected without further evaluation and possibility to re-apply.

All applicants can consult regarding requirements via email But answer on admission will be given only if all documents will be submitted.

19 Jan 2024