KVK has invested in an innovative Nursing Simulation Center

Photo illustrating the news item

KVK has strengthened the infrastructure of biomedicine and technology studies – a Nursing Simulation Center based on artificial intelligence has been opened.

Nursing Simulation Center will help to develop the competencies not only of the academic community, but also of the entire region.

Modern medical equipment was purchased for the Nursing Simulation Center for almost 200 thousand euros. It simulates a modern hospital environment in which patient imitations are encountered in a variety of clinical situations, which are created by lecturers based on their clinical practice.

“This is the only modern Nursing Simulation Center in the region of Western Lithuania, which provides opportunities to develop not only the skills required in today’s hospital, but also helps to prepare for the near future, when the health care system will be fully digitalized,” said Dr. Asta Mažionienė, Dean of the Faculty of Health Sciences.

Read more – www.kvk.lt/en/kvk-has-invested-in-an-innovative-nursing-simulation-center/.

14 Apr 2022